BioRegional to join Ministerial Rio+20 Summit talks in Nairobi


To influence Rio+20 Earth Summit outcomes, BioRegional will be participating in UNEP and Civil Society talks both this week and next in Nairobi, Kenya.

BioRegional has been active in working to influence the outcomes of Rio+20 since participating in the international climate talks in Copenhagen in December 2009 (COP15). At COP15 BioRegional’s approach to practical sustainability – one planet living(1) – was warmly welcomed and the charity has been actively involved in taking the approach to Rio+20 ever since. 

Next week Ministers from around the world will meet at the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) head office in Nairobi for The 12th Special Session of the Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum of UNEP . Here Ministers will focus on emerging policy issues under the theme of "The environmental agenda in the changing world: from Stockholm (1972) to Rio (2012)". The talks will run from the 20th to 22nd February.

To allow Civil Society to feed into talks, UNEP has organised a preceding event – The thirteenth Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum (GMGSF-13) which will run from 18th -19th February 2012, also in Nairobi.

GMGSF-13 will also provide a platform and one of the last opportunities for Major Groups and Stakeholders and Governments to exchange on their respective positions for Rio+20 and strategise further for the conference itself.

At both meetings BioRegional will share the one planet living approach – with particular emphasis on finding national government partners who are interested in applying one planet living nation-wide and in advocating for Sustainable Development Goals and green economy roadmaps to remain as key components of the Rio+20 negotiating text.


1. One planet living is a positive vision of a world in which we are living happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of the planet having left sufficient space for wildlife and wilderness. BioRegional’s approach to making this happen is to use a holistic 10 principles framework covering issues from zero carbon to equity and local economy. The framework is already being used on projects in 50 countries.

One Planet Living

One Planet Living is a positive vision of a world in which we live happy, healthy lives, within the natural limits of the planet.

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