Imbera commits to becoming a One Planet Company


On April 12th, Imbera announced its commitment to work within the One Planet Living sustainability framework established by BioRegional. This major commercial refrigeration company is the first in Latin America to join other pioneering organisations around the world, such as B&Q, who are already using the framework to deliver sustainable products, communities and regions.

At Imbera's offices in Mexico, Pooran Desai, co-founder of BioRegional, Daniel Viliesid of BioRegional Mexico, Mariano Montero, Managing Director of Alpunto from the FEMSA Group; and Hernán Mendoza, Refrigeration Director of Imbera, presented the One Planet Living approach. They explained that humanity is consuming resources and creating pollution at a level the earth cannot sustain. So BioRegional is working with partners around the world to find sustainable ways of living and working that are practical, affordable and attractive and that will inspire greater change.

Comprised of 10 principles, the One Planet Living framework helps users to deal with sustainability holistically. The principles range from zero carbon to land use and wildlife.

At Imbera we continually strive to ensure that all production and operation processes generate the lowest environmental impact possible. We are pleased to have met the guidelines established by BioRegional, and by restructuring certain processes we are already working in a more sustainable way. Imbera is firmly committed to work within the One Planet Living framework to significantly reduce the impact of its operations on the environment”, said Hernan Mendoza.

Growth in emerging economies must be green growth. There is a fantastic opportunity for countries such as Mexico to create a future where a vibrant economy supports a healthy planet. Imbera’s commitment to One Planet Living is world-leading and a great example for other companies in the Americas”, said Pooran Desai.

Imbera’s public commitment to One Planet Living takes the company closer towards becoming an official One Planet Partner. Pooran Desai and Hayley Baines-Buffery of BioRegional UK and representatives from BioRegional Mexico, are currently in Mexico meeting with Imbera. Their report will go forward to the One Planet Living endorsement panel. Endorsed projects have an action plan with targets to achieve real measured sustainability, and is audited annually. 

In recent years, Imbera has intensified its efforts to develop technology that reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of its commercial refrigerators, mainly through energy and maintenance costs. So far, it has achieved a reduction of 76 per cent by implementing systems like the Functions´ Intelligent Control (CIF by its Spanish acronym – Control Inteligente de Funciones), designed by Imbera, which allows energy savings of up to 20 per cent, as well as anticipating and diagnosing potential liabilities, managing assets, capturing information and even communicating in real time with the cooler.

Imbera is an international company based in Mexico, dedicated since 1941 to the design, development and manufacturing of commercial refrigerators, with the most complete product development team and laboratories in the industry, which allows it to deliver tangible solutions in a short to medium time frame when developing new products.

In 2011, Imbera produced more than 350,000 Glass Door Merchandisers (GDM´s), positioning itself among the top three manufacturers worldwide; with production plants in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia; sales and service offices in eight countries and exports to 26 countries.


Pooran Desai introduces the one planet living approach and shows how it's used around the world to create inspiring mainstream projects.

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