Designing out waste, reuse and recycling


BioRegional can help your organisation to improve resource efficiency by designing waste out of construction, encouraging re-use and reclamation and promoting recycling. We work with you from design and planning through to on-site management, and can provide training in undertaking pre-demolition audits, taking a reclamation-led approach to demolition, and maximising reuse during the construction stage.

More than 80% of the carbon footprint of construction is embodied in the construction product manufacturing process, so we are working to increase the reuse of surplus construction and demolition products across the South East through the ZeroWise programme.

We are engaging with the construction sector to improve best practice, and supporting third-sector reuse enterprises, architectural salvage businesses and new start-ups to service demand for reused materials.

Case study

Olympic Park pre-demolition audit

Client: ODA

BioRegional carried out a full pre-demolition audit highlighting the full potential for reclamation and reuse across the Olympic site, before demolition works commenced. This led to a process being put in place and some buildings being reclaimed including a number of portal steel frame buildings. This experience and the lessons-learnt from it have been published by the ODA.

During the construction phase we worked with Veolia to identify specific reuse opportunities and match-made these with charities in East London.
BioRegional also produced a wider reuse strategy for the Olympic Games – from demolition to deconstruction and legacy. We have supported the London Reuse Network to establish reuse centres in North and East London to enable this to happen.


Case study


Client: Remade South East

BioRegional is helping to deliver the Zero Waste in the South East (ZeroWISE) project – working with social enterprises to recover more reusable items from construction sites. We are liaising with and supporting new and existing reuse enterprises and working with construction companies and councils to develop opportunities to scale-up construction material reuse in the future.

Case study

Sugar House Lane

Client: Envirotech

BioRegional undertook pre-demolition audits for this site in East London to highlight the potential to reclaim and reuse as many items as possible. This work led to the contractor taking a different approach, with many structural items, fixtures and fittings separated out and collected for reuse. For example, around 120 timber joists were reused by the Shaw Trust, a charity working with people with learning disabilities – and a partner in the National Community Wood Recycling Project. The students  turned the joists into shelving.   We also advised on the retention of features of architectural salvage merit to add interest and therefore value in new developments on site.

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