Developing holistic sustainability plans


BioRegional can work with you to develop a bespoke sustainability action plan for your organisation. A ‘One Planet Action Plan’ is developed through a process of workshops, interviews and surveys, and builds on existing organisational initiatives and commitments to make sure that it rests on firm foundations within your organisation.

One Planet Action Plans include short and long term actions to improve your organisation’s sustainability, using the 10 One Planet Principles as a framework. We will identify the potential carbon or ecological footprint savings that could be achieved through implementing actions, and we provide advice on the delivery structures and governance arrangements to make sure that the action plan is delivered.


Case study

Endorsed One Planet Action Plan

Client: B&Q

B&Q, the UK’s largest home improvement and garden retailer, has been part of the One Planet Companies programme since 2007. In partnership, B&Q and BioRegional developed a ground-breaking One Planet Action Plan based on the One Planet Living framework. This challenged B&Q to go beyond business as usual and was signed off by the B&Q Board in May 2008. The Action Plan covers three key areas of impact and influence:

  • Business operations
  • Products and materials
  • Customer, staff and employee engagement

For further information about the guidance and strategies that we have developed for B&Q to help them deliver the commitments of their Action Plan see the creating strategies case study.

Case study

Sustainability plan for key areas of impact

Client: Nokia

Nokia is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones with sales in more than 150 countries. BioRegional has undertaken ecological and carbon footprint analysis of Nokia’s largest factory, Komárom in Hungary, the company’s R&D facility in Copenhagen and the Singapore Head Office. This work led to significant findings, such as that 70% of the ecological footprint for the Copenhagen site is from food and electricity consumption.

After calculating the impact of the sites, BioRegional used the results to develop strategies for reducing the impact of building emissions, waste, transport, materials, water and food. This included mitigation strategies over the short, medium and long term, a strategy to engage staff and manage the programme, influence suppliers, and monitor and report on progress in the future.

Case study

Working towards One Planet endorsement

Client: Symphony Group

Symphony Group is the UK’s largest privately owned manufacturer of fitted kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture. BioRegional is firstly undertaking a One Planet Review of Symphony’s business operations with respect to sustainability and the One Planet principles, outlining strengths and successes whilst highlighting where improvements can be made. BioRegional will then use the Review to develop a One Planet Action Plan.