Guidance and strategies for delivering a sustainability plan


BioRegional offers a range of technical services to help you implement your sustainability plans and realise your environmental ambitions. 

We can support you through:

  • developing zero carbon strategies
  • recommending best practice on a range of environmental and social sustainability topics
  • carbon (Scopes 1, 2 and 3) and ecological footprinting of operations, products and services
  • assessing suppliers and products, and advising on sustainable procurement
  • developing buying standards and policies. 

Our skilled team includes experts in renewable energy, waste minimisation and management, sustainable materials specification, behaviour change programmes, energy efficiency retrofit and sustainability training. 

Case study

Water best practice for big cost savings

Client: B&Q

To investigate water management at B&Q, we developed a questionnaire to gain an understanding of both the technologies used and how store staff are using them. For example, how often and when plants are watered and whether leaks are dealt with quickly. 

Based on the feedback received from over half of B&Q’s store estate, we developed targets that could be achieved through good and best practice water management.  The report includes best practice guidance ranging from free to high cost measures. Examples include gardencentre watering advice as a cost free measure, and ensuring all stores have low flow/aerated taps as a medium cost measure. 

BioRegional calculated that if all stores achieve best practice standards, B&Q could achieve an annual water saving of 31% or 151,500m3. This work was used as a basis for guidance on watering plants which was sent to horticulture teams in 2011.


Case study

Developing a business travel strategy

Client: B&Q

In 2010, BioRegional developed a strategy for halving  the number of domestic flights taken by staff by 2012. BioRegional undertook an analysis of flights taken at B&Q to understand the most popular routes  and then calculated the CO2 savings that could be achieved by either switching 30% of flights to rail or by replacing 20% of flights with video conferencing, recognising that travel is sometimes essential. This approach would save over 170 tonnes CO2 per year and could also reduce costs.


Case study

Evidence base for zero carbon target and implementation plan

Client: B&Q

BioRegional produced an evidence base for B&Q’s ambitious target of achieving net zero carbon emissions across its estate by 2023. We assessed the company’s different store types in terms of the construction specification and energy consumption. Our team then created models to analyse the impact of installing a range of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies.We calculated the potential cost and expected emissions reductions of appropriate energy efficiency measures followed by renewable energy technologies. Recommendations were then made for addressing the remaining energy demand including investing in off-site renewable energy projects. BioRegional is currently working on a nationwide implementation plan with B&Q and the company has started to install energy efficiency measures.