One Planet Learning


Coming soon

BioRegional are developing a new, cross-sector learning programme based on the knowledge, experience and lessons learned through eight years of supporting the One Planet Living initiative.

The two levels of learning, shown below, will be made available, and delivered online through an interactive and engaging mix of self-guided e-learning modules, video, webinars with leading practitioners, virtual mentoring and peer-to-peer sessions. 

Level 1: ‘One Hour for One Planet’:  A one hour introductory module that will help you develop an understanding of the One Planet Living framework and how it can be used.

Level 2: ‘One Day for One Planet’: An in-depth course on One Planet Living that will allow you to:

  • shape a positive vision of a One Planet future and understand your role in creating it;
  • use this vision and the language of One Planet Living to communicate easily with others; 
  • determine areas for action and how best to achieve real impact; and
  • know where to go for additional support.

Course participants will have ongoing access to an online portal of resources and a community of other people working towards the same goal.

One Planet learning is being developed with the generous support of the Tellus Mater Foundation and the Wates Family Enterprise Trust. 

For more information please email Catherine Sweeney or call +44 (0) 208 404 5917.