One Planet Open Source


One Planet Open Source (OPOS) is under construction!

As a freely available framework, One Planet Living is being used by hundreds of organisations around the world to help them shape and achieve their sustainability aspirations. 

Now, through One Planet Open Source (OPOS), BioRegional is committed to making it even easier for organisations and project teams, across sectors, to harness the power of the framework. 

OPOS is currently under construction but will encompass a web-based collaboration platform with a range of tools, services and guidance freely available or at low cost. By accessing One Planet Living through OPOS you will:

  • Be inspired – view case studies from award winning projects from around the world who are already improving transforming their performance using One Planet Living;
  • Learn – complete a range of eLearning modules to familiarise yourself with the key actions you can take under each of the 10 One Planet principles and access a resource and guidance hub to build on this; and
  • Act – a dynamic, online One Planet Action Plan template will enable you to upload what you are already doing - and what you plan to do - for each of the 10 One Planet principles providing a map to action for you, your team and key stakeholders.

In addition, using OPOS will introduce you to a growing international community of people trying to do exactly the same thing as you creating potential benefits such as knowledge-sharing, inspiration, collaboration and service exchange. 

OPOS is still under construction but if you would like to register interest and be placed on a mailing list for further information as the service develops please contact

In the meantime, you can start using One Planet Living by downloading our free One Planet Action Plan toolkit.

The development of OPOS has been generously supported by:


The Naturesave Trust

The Tellus Mater Foundation

The Wates Family Enterprise Trust


Key contacts

Pooran Desai OBE