Products and materials


With extensive experience and high quality analysis, we can help you by providing sustainability assessments and carbon footprints of products and materials. Whether you need to make an informed decision between different material choices, or provide evidence of the environmental benefits of your chosen approach, we can help you.

We have particular expertise in construction products, since helping to establish the BedZED eco-village and the One Planet Products sustainable construction information portal. We have carried out assessments on insulation, windows, plasterboard, cladding, steel, timber and concrete.

Case study

Construction material sustainability assessments

Client: GreenSquare Group

GreenSquare Group is a pioneering housing, regeneration and social investment agency. GreenSquare were considering two alternative systems for the construction of new homes. They wanted to be able to assess and compare the environmental credentials of these two systems and  against a traditional brick and blockwork system.

BioRegional provided a detailed sustainability comparison between the two chosen material options. We calculated the embodied carbon of the construction systems and a simplified life cycle was developed to include the likely contribution of carbon sequestration, transport, and in-use and end of life solutions for the materials under consideration. This work allowed GreenSquare to make an informed decision on the most sustainable construction system in terms of the impacts from both upfront production (embodied carbon and transport) and whole life cycle considerations.


Case study

Construction material sustainability assessments

Client: Genesis Worldwide

BioRegional has undertaken construction material assessments for Genesis Worldwide, a lightweight steel framing company based in California. BioRegional undertook comparisons of concrete building systems and the Genesis steel frame system using the example of the Masdar City development in the United Arab Emirates. BioRegional creates simplified life cycle assessments to examine the embodied carbon savings in alternative building systems. We also consider the transport impacts, raw material extraction, waste management and toxicity of materials.

The outputs from this research have allowed Genesis to back up the sustainability claims of their products and engage with customers on the benefits of their system. It also allows them to identify the main areas of impact in their construction system with the potential for reducing them in the future.