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wwu-place Sustainable Places

Our team brings together end-to-end sustainability expertise across project development lifecycles including fundraising and investment, planning, design and place-making, energy strategy, construction,  procurement and delivery, through to community governance and estates management. We work with partners across the UK (particularly in London, Bicester and Brighton & Hove) and around the world.

Sustainable real estate development and construction is at the heart of our activities – from initiating our own real estate projects to working as advisors to land owners, developers, and local government in over 15 countries amounting to over $30 billion of planned development.  We support with visioning and stakeholder engagement, masterplan and design assessments (including  LEED and BREEAM assessments), through to project delivery via our on-site ‘sustainability integrator’ services.

Our expertise is far-reaching and includes:

  • Visioning, strategies and action plans using the comprehensive One Planet Living framework to link to economic development strategies and community consultation
  • Ecological and carbon footprint scenario modelling for masterplans and visioning
  • Benchmarking for planning authorities
  • Procurement and specification of construction processes and materials
  • Carbon footprinting and resource efficiency monitoring from design and throughout construction to post completion review.
  • On-site sustainability expertise during build-phases to ensure cost-effective delivery to the highest standards (including maximising Considerate Constructors Scheme performance)
  • Securing public sector  and grant funding support for research, development and delivery

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Energy in the built environment

Locally relevant energy strategies are an essential part of a sustainable future, in order to meet our commitments to carbon reductions and keep energy secure and affordable.

Our expertise includes:

  • Energy demand reduction and smart grid strategies for retrofit and new build
  • Energy innovation, community-led purchasing and generation
  • Behaviour change and social marketing initiatives
  • Monitoring, feedback, evaluation and reporting, including  carbon footprinting
  • Securing public sector  and grant funding support for research, development and delivery

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Local Government and Regeneration

We work with municipalities at strategic and delivery levels to convert sustainability aspirations into plans for action and specific projects embodying the One Planet Living principles.  We engage residents and businesses in municipality-wide initiatives.

Our expertise includes:

  • Co-creation of One Planet Action Plans for municipalities covering internal operations and community engagement
  • Place-making through sustainability including traffic calming, high street regeneration, people-centred design and pocket parks
  • Securing public sector and grant funding support for research, development and delivery

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wwu-sustainability Sustainability action plans

We work in partnership with companies and the public sector to co-create sustainability action plans using our One Planet Living framework. The purpose of developing an action plan is to establish a vision for sustainability and identify how this vision can be realised through a series of short and longer term actions and targets.

Our One Planet Living framework covers the environmental, social and economic pillars of sustainability. We use this to identify the gaps within a project or organisations current sustainability programme and work with our partners and clients to develop short and long term targets and support the implementation process.

Whatever stage a project or organisation might be on its sustainability journey we can provide support through

  • Gap analysis and bench marking: We work with organisations to understand their current sustainability programme, and identify the strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Establishing a governance structure: We work with organisations to ensure effective development and implementation of a sustainability strategy, supported through the development of strong governance and accountability.
  • Action plan development: We co-create sustainability plans by providing workshops and guidance on how to address the 10 One Planet Living principles, setting short and long term targets and actions.
  • Monitoring and annual reviews: We run key performance indicator management programmes to help business to track progress against targets and product annual sustainability reports.

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wwu-circular Products & Circular Economy

We advise the home retail and built environment sectors on product sustainability and new business models, and how to provide clear and accurate messaging  to customers and homeowners. Our work includes:

  • Best practice standards: we help companies to set best practice standards for their products and services including the development of guidance, policies and targets for improvement. We support dissemination of these standards through workshops and training programmes.
  • Eco product assessment: we undertake assessments of products and ranges to identify opportunities for improvement and calculate environmental savings from product innovation using carbon footprint and life cycle assessments.
  • Circular economy: We support the development of circular economy products services by providing guidance and measurement tools.

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wwu-support Implementation Support

We apply our expertise across a range of disciplines including, energy, waste, materials and stakeholder and employee engagement to help organisations realise their sustainability ambitions. This includes providing training, workshops, research and analysis, to identify practical solutions and recommendations for implementation.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Carbon and ecological foot printing
  • Greenhouse gas reporting
  • Sustainable estates management
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Waste minimisation and management
  • Sustainable materials
  • Ethical supply chains
  • Employee engagement

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wwu-innovative Innovative Solutions

We combine our entrepreneurial experience, expertise and creativity to create innovative solutions where a fresh approach or business model is required. Our recent innovations have focused on the forestry and energy.

Our approach to innovation includes:

  • Establishing partnerships: As a long standing, well respected charity with a broad national and international reach we are well positioned to build effective partnerships between local authorities, businesses, community groups and residents. Through bringing together the right skills, networks and knowledge we create a strong platform for innovation.
  • Funding: We leverage funding from private companies, research grants, trusts and the public sector to bring our projects to life.
  • Delivery: Working with partners, we trial new solutions to solve sustainability challenges. This may include establishing a new business, building a new technology or establishing a network of support to our target audience.
  • Evaluation: We learn from our projects by measuring the impact of our approach and use this to improve our own approach and disseminate learnings to practitioners and policy makers.

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