My role focuses on implementing our One Planet Living® framework in the built environment to ensure projects are championing community-focused, zero-carbon outcomes which support local economies. This collaborative approach ensures that developments are as holistically sustainable as possible while adhering to the needs of our partners.

Before Bioregional

I have always had a focus toward sustainability - gaining a First-Class undergraduate degree in Physical Geography from the University of Leeds, followed by a Distinction in MSc Sustainable Cities.

My master’s degree provided me with a systems-based knowledge of sustainability in urban areas, which cumulated in my thesis focusing on critically evaluating the impact toward sustainable living of Lilac (Low Impact Living Affordable Community), a community-led cohousing development in Leeds.

Following my master’s, I was commissioned by Lilac to design and develop an accessible, public-facing, infographic-based report based upon my thesis findings.

When I’m not at work

I enjoy photography, riding my bike, playing the guitar (rather badly), and advocating for a sustainable future wherever I can!