Working with members of our delivery team, I work to fund our charitable projects - those pieces of work that we know need doing and can create transformational change, but which the traditional market won’t make happen.

Most recently, we’ve built an incredible relationship with the KR Foundation, which has funded a pioneering project that spans three continents. We are building a series of One Planet Cities, where local authorities, schools, communities and corporations are all working together to create a joint, sustainable future for their city.

We are always looking for new partnerships, whether funders or project partners, so please do get in touch.

Before Bioregional

I built my knowledge of grant applications and management while working for a small radar manufacturing company in Oxfordshire. Having secured and managed several government-funded projects, I chose to redirect my skills to a cause much closer to my heart – living within the means of our one planet.

When I'm not at work

I love gardening, despite having no knowledge whatsoever. The more unlikely success is, the more satisfying it is when a lush vegetable or flower appears!

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Kat Lund-Yates
Fundraising Manager

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