Are you a circular economy supremo?


Do you have a solid understanding of the circular economy and what it means for your business? Take our (slightly tongue-in-cheek) quiz and find out….

1. How much is the circular economy estimated to be worth in Europe by 2030?

a) €100 million

b) €1.8 trillion

c) €5 gazillion


2. How many tonnes of coffee cups are likely to be wasted in the UK every year?

a) 6 billion

b) 2.5 billion

c) Did someone say skinny caramel frappuccino?


3. Which Government Minister recently announced plans to introduce more drinking fountains in public places?

a) Amber Rudd

b) Michael Gove

c) Tap water? Eww. No-one comes between me and my daily dose of holy Himalayan mountain spring water


4. What deadline has the UK government set itself to double resource productivity in its new Industrial Strategy?

a) 2060

b) 2050

c) Before Harry and Meghan get married


5. How many jobs is it estimated will be created in the UK from the circular economy by 2030?

a) 100,000

b) 200,000

c) Gissa job!


6. Which company famously said: ‘Don’t buy this jacket’?

a) Gap

b) Patagonia

c) I bought the jacket


7. WBCSD has identified that just eight materials are responsible for 20% of global carbon emissions, 95% of water use and 88% of land use. Which materials are they?

a) Steel, aluminium, plastic, cement, glass, wood, cotton and polymer

b) Steel, aluminium, plastic, cement, glass, wood, primary crops and cattle

c) Carbon emissions, schmarbon emissions


8. In a truly circular economy:

a) We’ll be much better at waste management

b) The concept of waste won’t exist anymore

c) We’ll be running around in circles


9. Who invented the term: ‘circular economy’?

a) The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

b) David W. Pearce and R. Kerry Turner

c) Harry Styles


How did you do?

Mostly c’s: Oh dear. With people like you sticking your heads in the sand, what hope is there for humanity? Go and watch Leonardo Di Caprio’s film The Flood, and don’t darken our doors again before you’ve done so!

Mostly a’s: Well done! You have a good idea of the opportunities the circular economy offers, as well as the scale of the challenge.

Mostly b’s: Are you Dame Ellen McArthur?

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