One Planet Integrators registered with Bioregional Australia are listed below.

Bioregional Australia provides this training to industry professionals to ensure rigour and consistence within the One Planet Living program. Registered One Planet Integrators can:

  • Provide services to help you navigate the ten principles and identify the opportunities, systems and practices to achieve One Planet Living.
  • Guide you through the One Planet Analysis and Action Plan development, implementation, reporting and recognition processes.

Interested in consulting with the One Planet Living framework?

We offer training, support and a registration process for consultants from the built and urban environment, business services, local government and education sector.

One Planet Integrator registration requires:

  • Attendance at One Planet Program and Integrator training
  • Completion of the One Planet Integrator application
  • Completion of the One Planet Integrator Quiz
  • Successful completion of an online Integrator interview

Contact to find out more about becoming a One Planet Integrator.

  • Alexander Schmidt (VIC)
  • Andrew Thompson* (VIC)
  • David Galloway* (WA)
  • Jackie Mathews* (VIC)
  • Kate Milburn (VIC)
  • Madlen Jannaschk* (WA)
  • Marc Mullins (VIC)
  • Mark Taylor* (WA)
  • Nathan Lawry* (WA)
  • Nycole Wood (VIC)
  • Oliver Grimaldi* (WA)

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Consulting One Planet Integrators may work in other regions, or be in the registration process for your region.

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