Employee engagement in sustainability

Inspire your colleagues to play their part in achieving your sustainability goals with employee engagement in sustainability

It’s well known that people prefer working for organisations with big sustainability aspirations. At Bioregional we have a menu of employee engagement options that will help you win hearts and minds across your organisation.

What we do

First we review your sustainability programme and your current employee engagement practices. Based on that assessment we can work with you to set up a range of employee engagement in sustainability activities, including:

  • A regular sustainability newsletter, filled with sustainability news, trends and tips. It can also include information on events and well-known guest editors.
  • One Planet Months. If you use the One Planet Living framework, we can help you organise monthly activities for employees around each One Planet principle, bringing themes like zero carbon energy and sustainable transport alive with dedicated events, quizzes and other activities.
  • An annual ‘sustainability action month’ to encourage all your employees to do their bit for the environment or the community. We can help with the design of this month and with encouraging communications to your employees with plenty of ideas on how they can volunteer, fundraise for your corporate charity, save energy and water use and reduce waste.
  • Sustainability Market Place. This is a fun-filled event that Bioregional can organise for specific departments or employees from around your business. It will involve market stalls where your colleagues can ‘buy and sell’ solutions to sustainability challenges. You might even want to hold a sustainability champion award!