Kat Lund-Yates

Fundraising Manager

Kat oversees the fundraising efforts of the Bioregional team, helping to fund our pioneering sustainability work.

Kat built her knowledge of grant applications and management while working for a small radar manufacturing company in Oxfordshire. Having secured and managed several government-funded projects, she chose to redirect her skills to a cause much closer to her heart – living within the means of our one planet.

While studying for her BA(Hons) in History at the University of Southampton, Kat was keenly involved in environmental societies. She took part in the country’s first mass “Blackout”, an event which saw all unused electrical items switched off for a weekend, reducing the university’s energy usage by 6% and saving seven tonnes of carbon. Her first job out of university was with NGO Synergy Global, where she carried out environmental impact assessments on sites in Africa affected by mining and oil and gas activities.

Kat is a part-time spin instructor, and enjoys exploring the British countryside in her free time. The lack of a garden at her London flat hasn’t dampened her interest in gardening as she’s simply taken to planting wildflower seeds on seemingly unclaimed patches of land, and the bees seem to love it!

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