The development, which we plan to build on the former Mincing Lane Nursery site in Chobham, UK, will enable its residents to live happier, healthier and greener lives. We want it to cater to all ages – from young people and families to retirees.

A central part of the plan is to work in partnership with local people to design the scheme and create a Community Land Trust to own the land in perpetuity. This means that reduced house prices for people living locally will be protected permanently.

Our vision for the site is an affordable, neighbourly, zero-carbon community surrounded by green space where it’s easy and convenient to make sustainable choices.

Ronan Leyden of Bioregional Homes said: "We are keen to work in partnership with the local community to shape the scheme. We’ll be inviting Chobham residents to a series of co-design workshops over the summer and we aim to apply for planning permission by the end of 2018.”

One Planet Communities use the ten principles of One Planet Living® in design, construction and facilities management to achieve sustainable developments that are great places to live and work. These communities offer genuinely affordable homes that are zero-carbon, built from sustainable materials, that encourage recycling and food growing and help local nature to thrive.

One Planet Living is Bioregional’s vision of the world where everyone, everywhere can enjoy happy, healthy lives within the limits of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

Bioregional Homes is a wholly-owned subsidiary of environmental charity Bioregional and was set up in early 2018 to allow us to pursue our aim of building our own One Planet Communities to follow in the footsteps of eco-developments BedZED and One Brighton.

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