Specialist implementation


Get specialist expertise in implementing your strategy

As a stand-alone offer or after having developed your One Planet Action Plan, we can support you with implementation – focusing on one or more specific areas of environmental or social impact.

What we do

With expertise across a range of disciplines including energy, waste, materials and stakeholder and employee engagement, our team can help you drill down into the detail of your sustainability strategy. This includes providing training, workshops, research and analysis, to identify practical solutions and recommendations for implementation. Our expertise covers:


  • Greenhouse gas reporting
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Waste minimisation and management
  • Sustainable materials
  • Best practice procurement standards
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Sustainability integrator during construction


  • Ethical supply chains
  • Community engagement strategy
  • Environment champions
  • Training (sustainability inductions/e-learning/technical training)

KPI management and reporting

  • Sustainability KPI management. This covers the development of reporting tools and management of the reporting process.
  • Annual reviews. This includes creating an internal and/or external-facing review of your sustainability progress, including both quantitative progress against targets and  case studies on individual projects.