Suzannah Gore

Project Manager

Suzannah works on a range of projects at Bioregional, with a focus on corporate solutions for sustainable lifestyles, particularly innovation in products and the circular economy.

Suzannah also supports on sustainability reporting and monitoring, supply chain research, and One Planet Living gap analyses. Having previously worked in community engagement, she is particularly interested in how companies can provide the structures to make sustainable living more accessible and mainstream.

At the BedZED offices, Suzannah is a tour guide and enjoys talking to the public about One Planet Living at BedZED. She is also One Planet champion for transport and travel and zero waste, developing engagement activities for colleagues.

Prior to joining Bioregional, Suzannah worked on behaviour change projects and engaging communities in sustainability issues such as recycling and local green spaces. Having taught English in Spain for two years she enjoys the challenge of creative communication to engage and motivate others. She has an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London, specialising in business and the environment, and worked with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) to explore how companies can use ‘futures’ to stimulate more transformational and innovative action for sustainability.

Suzannah has lived in a number of different countries and loves exploring the world. As a fanatical traveller, she is keen to make the sector more sustainable and promote more low-carbon options. As a cyclist, walker and maps geek, she loves the outdoors and navigating her way to new places, including walking across the entire breadth of Northern Spain.

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