Top ten tips for moving towards One Planet Living


As we compiled our Annual Review 2016/17, we realised our partners have so much advice to offer about implementing the One Planet Principles all around the world. So we’ve distilled these into top ten tips for organisations and businesses

We are very proud to work with organisations around the world determined to create happier, healthier lives for everyone within the limits of the planet.

But as this work is often done over a number of years, the impact can be hard to communicate in a yearly review. So our Annual Review this year contains our ten top tips for moving towards One Planet Living, illustrated by case studies from our partners.

We hope you find these ideas, insights and innovations as inspiring as we do! All of the stories below are available in the second section of our Annual Review.

1. Health and happiness: Make it easy to choose good food, exercise, and time to socialise – and watch as wellbeing starts to improve.

Discover how Singita Serengeti is encouraging wellbeing in the workplace

2. Equity and local economy: Create jobs and prosperity in your community by supporting local businesses, rather than global companies.

Find out why City of Fremantle is right on the money

3. Culture and community: Encourage a sense of community and neighbourliness by making space for people to connect with one another.

BedZED reminds us why everyone needs good neighbours

4. Land and nature: Don’t just prevent damage to the natural world, help it thrive.

Villages Nature Paris is proving very good natured

5. Sustainable water: From droughts and flooding to pollution, water issues will be specific to your local area – so consider how you can have the most impact.

Credo High School sets about achieving a sea change

6. Local and sustainable food: Make a dent in your food footprint by cutting out meat a few times a week – your health will benefit too.

Carnivore’s challenge went down well at Cundall

7. Travel and transport: Make low-impact travel the new normal with cycling facilities, information about public transport, car-sharing and car clubs.

One Brighton chose the path less well-travelled

8. Materials and products: Achieving a circular economy will be a gradual process – pilot projects can help you test ideas and identify opportunities for wider transformation.

Kingfisher is closing the circle

9. Zero waste: Prioritise reducing and re-using before recycling – and think about waste as a resource.

B&Q isn’t wasting time when it comes to recycling

10. Zero carbon energy: Look at the big picture – from renewable power and energy-efficient appliances to communal forms of heating, there are many ways to move towards zero carbon energy.

Elmsbrook, NW Bicester is going for zero

Learn more about One Planet Living and our partners around the world.

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