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Capital Consumption is a ground-breaking research report from the London Sustainable Development Commission and BioRegional, which reveals the full extent of London's carbon dioxide emissions when including those from imported goods consumed in London.

The research shows the share of emissions of sectors from food to the public sector and, in keeping with the latest scientific evidence and global treaties, the level of action needed to help the world achieve its climate change targets.

The use of energy and resources from activities within London, such as transport and energy use, are well understood and London is taking the lead on mapping out the change needed to address these emissions. The 'Capital Consumption' report shows how London's full share of emissions also includes 'hidden' activities such as the production and supply of imported food and consumer items consumed in London. The carbon content of these imports also needs to be included in plans to reduce London's emissions.

For example from a consumption perspective London's total consumption of energy and resources in London is approximately 90 million tonnes of CO2 per year. This compares with approximately 44 million tonnes of CO2 when only London's energy use and transport is counted.

There are different ways (scenarios) to start reducing emissions, the report models one scenario which shows that a 90% reduction in London's carbon emissions can be achieved by 2050.

Published December 2009
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This report clearly underscores the scale of the climate challenge confronting the capital
Boris Johnson
Mayor of London

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