Sue Riddlestone OBE

Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Bioregional

I lead Bioregional’s work to create projects and partnerships for sustainable living – then spread the word that it can be done!

Hayley Baines-Buffery

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer I'm here to make sure that Bioregional has solid business plans and the resources in place that will enable us to create a sustainable future

Julia Hawkins

Head of Communications and Policy

I lead the Communications and Policy team, which aims to influence change by inspiring others with our vision of One Planet Living 

Ronan Leyden

Head of Sustainable Places

I joined Bioregional in 2007 and now lead our work to create more sustainable homes, communities and places that are great places to live and work

Nicole Lazarus

Head of One Planet Living

I lead the One Planet Living initiative, offering resources and support around the world for partners that are serious about sustainability

Tom Schuurman

Head of Finance and Resources

I oversee the delivery of the finance, HR, IT, legal, and facilities areas at Bioregional

Majonne Frost

Head of Sustainable Business

I lead our work with businesses to help them transform their own operations as well as the products and services they sell

Claire Brady

Programme Manager - Sustainable Business

I lead Bioregional’s work on future trends and sustainability developments

Amy Brimmicombe

Senior Project Officer

I support our work with businesses to develop and implement their sustainability strategies, helping them monitor and report on progress.

Karen Bruce

Office Administrator

I'm Bioregional's receptionist and administration assistant

Sian Cooke

Project Manager

I help a range of businesses across the built environment operate more sustainably

Charlotte Fincham

Finance Officer

I am a Finance Officer looking after the day to day accountancy functions, using my financial skills to help Bioregional achieve its mission to champion a better, more sustainable future

Douglas Fraser

Project Officer

I work in the sustainable business team, helping our range of partners devise and deliver their sustainability strategies

Ben Gill

One Planet Living Manager

I lead Bioregional’s work with our international One Planet Communities, helping them to set and achieve world-leading targets to achieve One Planet Living.

Marina Goodyear

Senior Project Officer

I work on research, monitoring and writing to help our partners understand how to make their business, new development or city the most sustainable it can be

Rosemary Grant-Muller

Project Manager

I am part of the Sustainable Places team working on low carbon design for residential developments as well as research on community engagement in shared renewable energy

Chloe Joyeux

Project Manager

I am an expert in building sustainability strategies, and monitoring and reporting frameworks for businesses

Lewis Knight

Programme Manager

I work on a suite of environmental and One Planet Living projects across Oxfordshire and further afield

Kat Lund-Yates

Fundraising Manager

I oversee the fundraising efforts of the Bioregional team, helping to fund our pioneering sustainability work

Stewart Muir

Project Manager

I joined Bioregional at the start of 2020 to work on sustainable products projects, looking at energy and water efficiency, use of sustainable materials, and embedding circular economy principles in design and supply chain practices

Joe Pitts-Cunningham

One Planet Living Partnerships Manager

I’m the partnerships manager for One Planet Living. I support partners worldwide on their use of the One Planet Living framework to help them work towards a happier, healthier, more sustainable future for everyone

Jess Rowley

Senior Communications Officer

I help Bioregional achieve its mission of a better, more sustainable future by spreading our message widely through PR, social media, and marketing

Hannah Scott

Project Officer

I work with the Bioregional Oxfordshire team and provide support for a number of projects

Lucy Victor

Project Manager

I help to deliver our work on sustainability in the built environment, and provide support for Bioregional Homes projects

Sophia Zielinski-Keall

Project Officer

I support Bioregional's sustainability work across different businesses, focusing on products and materials, having had a background in retail

Russell Tame

Managing Director of Bioregional Homes

I run Bioregional Homes, delivering community-led, affordable, sustainable homes for purchase that are designed as One Planet Communities

Ciara O'Flynn

Executive Assistant to the CEO

The central aspect of my role is to support our CEO Sue Riddlestone in delivering high-impact projects and to create meaningful partnerships for Bioregional.

Philippa Hoy

Project Manager

I work with the Oxfordshire team, supporting a range of businesses, councils and social enterprises to achieve their sustainability goals.

International representatives

Sarah Alsen

Director, Bioregional South Africa

Sarah comes from a nursing background and completed an Honours in Nature Conservation in South Africa and a Masters in Environmental Science at London University.

Suzette Jackson

Bioregional Australia Executive Director

Suzette is the Executive Director of Bioregional Australia

Marika Ramsden

One Planet Schools Representative

Marika is helping Bioregional expand and develop an education program to engage youth in schools. She is currently working on a One Planet Schools programme in California.

Our patrons

Sir Ghillean Prance

Patron for the Natural Environment

Sir Ghillean is Scientific Director of the Eden Project in Cornwall, Visiting Professor at Reading University and President of Christians in Science.

Our trustees

John Hoadly


John worked at the National Audit Office (NAO) for many years, primarily as a value for money audit specialist.

Sarah Kemmitt


Sarah’s career has spanned ecological conservation, the third sector, scientific research, information science, financial regulation and internal audit.

Zoë Arden


Zoë is associate director at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and at the advisory firm and think tank SustainAbility.

Ben Callison


Ben is Managing Director of Borneo Orangutan Survival UK (BOS-UK), and oversees all segments of the charity’s operation. BOS-UK works to protect the critically endangered orangutan and its habitat in Indonesia.

Jonathan is a digital publishing consultant. The last digital project he led was awarded best Digital Technology Application and Innovator of the Year by the Stationers’ Company in its 2017 Innovation Excellence Awards.

Sarah Redshaw


Sarah Redshaw is the Head of International People Management with WaterAid.

Jo Walton


Jo is Director of Communications and People at Ashden and oversees the promotion of Ashden and Ashden winners to a wide audience.


Pooran Desai OBE


Pooran studied at Oxford and Cambridge Universities before co-founding Bioregional in 1994 and in 2018

Dr Kelly Watson has a PhD in the development of social value approaches for appraising, monitoring and evaluating the impact of the built environment

Nicholas Schoon

Writer and researcher

I work on sharing Bioregional’s knowledge and good practice with key audiences including the media, policymakers and business