Sustainability for local authorities

We offer a range of sustainability consultancy services for local government authorities.

Robust and targeted Local Plan policies are a necessary component of achieving net-zero emissions. We understand how to create the evidence base, and how to implement the policies in practice.

All local planning authorities have a legal duty to address the climate and ecological crisis and to contribute towards the UK’s legally binding net-zero target for 2050. In practice, this means taking bold steps to achieve zero emissions from new buildings and adopting policies that drive drastic and rapid emissions reductions from transport, energy and land-use.

As Local Plans set out the vision for future development in a borough, they are key to ensuring that any land-use changes, or new development that happens – from homes and offices to transport infrastructure – results in the least amount of greenhouse gas emissions possible, whilst enabling economic growth and addressing housing need.

Here's how we can help your local authority:

  • Zero-carbon evidence base for local plans

    We provide a comprehensive evidence base of precedents from across England on how other local authorities are implementing policies relating to zero-carbon developments.

  • Spatial carbon modelling

    We assess the potential implications of spatial strategies for development, including spatial carbon modelling for proposed new allocations.

  • Carbon and energy policies

    We review the plausibility of net-zero carbon policies and energy statements, analysing the technical feasibility and cost feasibility of reaching net-zero targets.

  • Development management

    We offer planning support focused on energy and sustainability.

  • Area-wide zero-carbon roadmaps

    Strategic support on the review and development of plans to address the climate and ecological emergency.

  • Sustainability and zero-carbon design guides

    We create design guides that inform and guide a project team and council officers through the development of net-zero council buildings.

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Cambridge canal devin kleu

Creating net-zero carbon evidence bases for both Greater Cambridge and Central Lincolnshire

Bioregional worked in partnership with Etude, alongside specialist subcontractors Currie & Brown and Mode, to provide a robust and detailed evidence base for adopting zero-carbon policies for both Greater Cambridge and Central Lincolnshire.

Warwick skyline

Supporting Warwick District Council’s zero-carbon development plan

Bioregional has been supporting Warwick District Council for the past year on the development of a zero-carbon development plan that will sit alongside its local plan, with the aim of increasing the standard of new developments across the district.

Oxford street tetiana shyshkina

Creating Oxfordshire County Council’s Environmental Design Guide

Bioregional produced an Environmental Design Guide and accompanying typology-specific building handouts to guide the Council’s estate management, including new build developments and retrofit, toward whole life net-zero carbon. The guide was developed to be an industry-leading, comprehensive, and accessible resource to guide Council decision making.

One Planet Living sustainability framework - a guide for local authorities


392.5 Kb | 7 June 2021

A guide for local authorities on how to use our One Planet Living sustainability framework to tackle the climate and ecological emergency

Download PDF

Image credits: banner: Nik Ramzi Nik Hassan, Cambridge: Devin Kleu, Warwick: Christian Mackie, Oxfordshire: Tetiana Shyshkina, all via Unsplash

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Lewis Knight
Director of Sustainable Places

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