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Sustainable material use and procurement are at the heart of any business serious about reducing its impact on the planet. It’s an integral part of creating a circular economy and minimising your organisation's carbon footprint.

Bioregional has supported the transition to a circular economy for more than 25 years, with clients including the United Nations and Kingfisher. From sustainable material roadmaps and product development to raw material hotspot analysis, we can support you to embed a strategic approach to sustainable material use throughout your business. We can guide you through this whole process or work with you on a specific aspect, depending on your needs.

As a charity, we reinvest our profits to create change. Discover our most recent impact review.

Our services include:

Raw materials assessment

Creating sustainable material roadmaps

Recent sustainable materials clients include:

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Jonathon duwyn unep

Bioregional provided extensive support across the development of the Sustainable Building Materials Hub, using their technical expertise, knowledge of built environment policy, and communication skills to support the creation of this important global resource.

Jonathan Duwyn, Programme Officer, Buildings and Construction, UNEP

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