Sustainable material sourcing and use is at the heart of any business serious about reducing its impact on the planet. It’s an integral part of creating a circular economy and minimising your carbon footprint.

Bioregional can support you to embed a strategic approach to sustainable material use throughout your business – from procurement to product development.

We can guide you through this whole process, or work with you on a specific aspect depending on your needs.

Raw materials assessment

We identify your key raw materials and provide detailed insights into their environmental and social impacts.

This includes:

  • Using readily-available business data such as expenditure on products to identify the main materials within your supply chain
  • Analysing wider sector and material-specific issues e.g. water, waste, human rights, deforestation and security of supply
  • Providing a summary of key material ‘hot spots’ ie where there is high environmental or social impact
  • In-depth research into specific raw material issues across the value chain from extraction to disposal.

Creating sustainable material roadmaps

Using our raw materials assessment, we can develop sustainable materials roadmaps and action plans with commercial teams to address key impacts within a specific timeline.

This includes reviewing:

  • Any actions that are already being taken to address supply chain impacts
  • Areas of concern that could be addressed through product ranges and potential timescales
  • Areas of concern that could be addressed through supplier engagement and improvement programmes and the potential timescales
  • Any issues that will require moving away from certain products/materials.

Sustainable business consultancy services brochure


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This summary brochure outlines our core sustainability services for organisations. Discover what sets us apart and how we can help your business.

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