There are now 595,000 people around the world living in, working at or visiting organisations and communities with a deep commitment to One Planet Living.

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So far, 595,000 people are living in, visiting and working at organisations, communities and cities that have committed to One Planet Living. It is helping our partners slash their carbon emissions, preserve resources and build stronger communities, from Sonoma County to Southern Africa. For example:

  • Leading UK retailer B&Q has saved £164m through its One Planet Home programme due to better energy, transport and waste management.
  • Singita Serengeti, a wildlife reserve and tourist destination, has reduced its plastic bottle waste by more than 90%
  • Geothermal energy at Villages Nature Paris, a pioneering sustainable tourist resort, is providing 100% of its hot water and heat demand - and 30% at neighbouring Disneyland Paris.

I grew up in rural South Africa with grandparents who taught me a lot about caring for nature, plants and living creatures. When I was introduced to One Planet Living at Singita, this helped me bring together these early learnings with my modern lifestyle.

Nonkululeko Sosibo, Skincare therapist at Singita Sabi Sand