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Singita, Singita Grumeti Fund

One Planet Living in rural Tanzania

Singita Serengeti in Tanzania is on a journey to becoming a world-leading exemplar of sustainable upmarket tourism. This wildlife reserve is committed to environmentally conscious hospitality, wildlife conservation and community outreach.

To support its commitment to sustainability, Singita Serengeti has been using One Planet Living since 2012. Its One Planet Action Plan, endorsed by Bioregional in 2013, has helped the resort cut its greenhouse gas emissions, save water, improve waste management and recycling. This is alongside its other work to boost the local economy and conserve endangered Savannah wildlife.

The resort provides sustainable employment for over 750 local people as conservation and hospitality staff, with an emphasis on employing local people. One Planet Living forms an important part of employee engagement which helps embed sustainability within all of its work, as well as help staff have happier, healthier lives.

It's five years since the One Planet program started at Singita Serengeti, it is incredible to witness what has been achieved in such a short space of time. Sustainability is no longer something ‘additional’ to our normal operations but now part and parcel of how we conduct business.

Katherine Cunliffe, Sustainability Technical Advisor at Singita Serengeti
Celebrating five years of One Planet Living at Singita Serengeti

Equity and local economy
More than 140 jobs created for local people

Travel and transport
Reduced vehicle diesel consumption by nearly 30,000 litres since 2013

Zero waste
Plastic bottle waste reduced by 90% by using reusable bottles and installing UV water treatment facilities

One Planet Living is our vision of a world where we can live happily within the Earth’s resources, and a straightforward framework to achieve this
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Singita Serengeti Annual Review 2019/20

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