We offer a full package of sustainability consultancy services for new build projects and have over 20 years’ experience in creating exemplar sustainable developments.

We’ll work with you to create your pre-planning and promotional stage sustainability vision, prospectus and frameworks.

  • Needs analysis

    We’ll carry out an assessment of local and regional needs and planning policy to develop the evidence base of the local context. This provides confidence that sustainability is being deeply embedded into designs for the proposed development.

  • Early-stage visioning

    We conduct a visioning exercise with the design team to present and discuss the needs analysis and explore early project aspirations and day-in-the-life scenarios that can be taken forward into a prospectus.

  • Due diligence

    We conduct due diligence on proposed sites to ensure alignment with Bioregional’s core values and the principles of One Planet Living® - our readymade, tried and tested sustainability framework for the built environment

  • A critical friend

    We act as your sustainability champion, embedded within the design team, providing sustainable design and planning support. We use One Planet Living® or bespoke alternatives where requested. Acting as your critical friend, we’ll hold the design team to account and ensure the project meets our high standards.

  • Post-occupancy evaluation and community management

    We help ensure your scheme has a net-positive impact on the planet with an operational management strategy that includes proactive community engagement on behaviour change, and regular performance monitoring.

  • Our services include:

    • Sustainability strategy and statement for planning submission
    • Energy strategy and statement for planning submission
    • Whole-life carbon assessments
    • BREEAM and HQM assessments
    • One Planet Living® support, assessment and leadership recognition.

What sets the Bioregional team apart is that they understand how to create ownership in others, driving sustainability into the vision of our developments, and weaving One Planet Living into the fabric of our project and design teams. This requires leadership and influencing skills, which everyone at Bioregional has in spades.

Edward Vaughan Dixon, Sustainability Insights Director, Landsec

Get in touch with Lewis Knight, our Head of Sustainable Places, to discuss your needs and find out more about what we can offer.

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