Employee engagement is a key aspect of embedding a successful sustainability strategy within a business – without an engaged team, you won’t be able to achieve the organisational transformation you’ll need to meet your ESG goals.

Empowering your teams with knowledge is a vital first step on your organisation’s sustainability journey, and you’ll be surprised what can be achieved once your employees understand how all their actions and choices have impact.

The science is clear that businesses must act on climate, and engaging your colleagues on sustainability can lead to numerous co-benefits including:

  • accelerating your sustainability journey,
  • increased employee morale and satisfaction,
  • staff retention,
  • innovation and creative thinking,
  • cost savings and efficiency gains.
of companies surveyed have a sustainability strategy in place, but only 35% have acted on that strategy

Our courses

We offer a range of courses designed to engage all members of an organisation and help them translate theory into action, with content that can be tailored to suit in-person workshops, or online training:

This intro workshop will equip your teams with a good understanding of key concepts. It includes:

  • Sustainability 101
  • Global heating and the climate and ecological crisis
  • Understanding carbon jargon
  • The circular economy
  • The business case for sustainability
  • Why nature is our ally
  • Market trends and competitor analysis

Bioregional ran a great training session for our team on sustainability basics. Joe was an engaging speaker and the content was a really accessible intro to the climate emergency - easy to digest for newcomers, as well as being relevant to our sector. Highly recommend!

Will Dyson, Head of Sustainability & Urban Infrastructure, New West End Company

We offer in-depth sessions that use materiality mapping exercises to cover the sustainability topics that are vital to your business. These bespoke sessions will teach you about the legal and regulatory environment you face, deep dive into technical details, show you how to capture data and monitor progress, showcase best practice in your industry, and set out future trends you must understand:

  • Your net-zero roadmap – discover what net zero means for your business and how you can get there
  • Energy – learn how to reduce your operational energy and transition to a clean energy future
  • Circularity and waste – manage your transition from the linear to the circular economy, and learn how to measure and manage your waste
  • Products and supply chain – understand why your suppliers are integral to your sustainability impact and learn how to bring them with you on your sustainability journey
  • Freight – discover how leaner, cleaner, and less polluting logistics networks can boost business efficiency and reduce your environmental impact.

We gained incredible insights into how our staff perceived sustainability and climate change, and this has made a significant impact on how staff view the impact of their role in terms of delivering our sustainability strategy.

Paul Tucker, Sustainability Manager at Northampton Partnership Homes

We tailor this workshop specifically for sustainability professionals who want to engage effectively with c-suite colleagues. Through materiality assessment exercises we will establish in detail how action on sustainability will support your board’s strategic priorities. You’ll be empowered by knowing how to get cross-organisational buy-in for your sustainability vision.

of employees say they are more likely to accept a job with an organisation they consider to be environmentally sustainable

We use a variety of facilitation skills and techniques to ensure an engaging and enjoyable experience, including presentations, videos, breakout rooms, group discussion and brainstorming, and each course will be personalised for your organisation, and specific team. We use tools such as Mural and Slido to get everyone involved and ensure they have a solid grasp of the fundamentals. Check out our blog on the top four ways to engage employees on sustainability.

We tailor our workshops to your needs, so get please in touch below to get a quote. All in-person sessions are subject to additional travel expenses.

  • One of the most experienced sustainability consultancies, we have designed cutting-edge solutions for clients since 1994
  • As a purpose-led consultancy tackling the climate and ecological emergency, we give you the facts, with no spin or greenwash
  • Our training has helped hundreds of people to work towards a more sustainable future for their business and organisation
  • Our One Planet Living sustainability framework makes it easy to create, deliver, and communicate your sustainability strategy. Millions of people around the world live, work, or visit places that use One Planet Living to enable people to live more sustainably.

Out of all the workshops I've done in the last year or so, this felt like one of the best uses of my time. All the information was relevant, important, clear and concise.

Ashley Howe, Executive Director, SUPPLY Victoria

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