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Hälsa will be Toronto's first One Planet Living community. It will deliver the city's first timber frame mid-rise buildings, breaking new ground for reducing embodied carbon impacts

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Green Village

One Planet Living informs every aspect of Green Village, a real estate project in Geneva, Switzerland. Once completed, the district will be home to 3,000 employees, over 200 hotel and apartment rooms, 50 families, and numerous local services

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Lamington Group

Lamington Group, the real estate investor and developer, has an industry-first target of delivering whole-life net-zero 'hometels'. It uses One Planet Living to create places that support people and the planet to thrive

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Springfield Meadows

Greencore Homes aims to create the future of housing developments – a community of people living happy, healthy, sustainable lives in zero-carbon homes with space for nature

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Kings Farm Close

15 new homes in an Oxfordshire village are ultra-low carbon and highly sustainable, using the One Planet Living framework

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Montreal Commons

Montreal Commons is a five-storey multi-residential project with a strong foundation in sustainability and has been designed around a strong sense of community. It is a superb example of One Planet Living in the built environment

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This One Planet Living Community is a highly sustainable mixed-use development of some 2,500 homes, shops and office space in the heart of Canada’s capital city

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Elmsbrook, NW Bicester

Bioregional supported the development of Elmsbrook, the exemplar phase of the UK’s first eco-town North West Bicester, from 2010 to 2017, through a long-term partnership with lead developer A2Dominion and the local authority Cherwell District Council

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One Brighton

Taking the lessons from BedZED, these two cutting-edge apartment buildings in the heart of Britain’s premier seaside resort have brought sustainable living into the mainstream and achieved commercial success

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WGV at White Gum Valley

WGV, led by land development agency DevelopmentWA, is Australia’s second One Planet Community. More than 80 homes are creating a vibrant community in Fremantle, Perth

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Bonham Quay

Combining office, retail, restaurant and cultural space, Bonham Quay is designed to create a healthy, greener work environment for 2,600 people where it’s easy to make sustainable choices

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LeBreton Flats – Library Parcel

LeBreton Flats is an inclusive, mixed-use development that is using One Planet Living to revitalise 21 hectares of brownfield land. It will soon be Canada's largest net-zero residential community

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