Green Village is a real estate development launched by the World Council of Churches (WCC), with Implenia as developer and builder. Based in the Municipality of Grand-Saconnex in international Geneva, Switzerland, it is a robust expression of One Planet Living on a high-profile site well-placed for car-free living. The One Planet Living ambition informs every aspect of the development and expresses WCC’s commitment to a just and sustainable global community.

It will consist of six new buildings with offices, apartments, a hotel and landscaped areas arranged around the restored Ecumenical Centre, the historic headquarters of the WCC. The buildings are currently at different stages but, once complete, will have an excellent building fabric standard, active shading and be powered by 100% renewable energy.

One Planet Living is reflected in every purchase and lease agreement and audits of the action plan targets will be undertaken by a Swiss association. The permanent presence of the vision holders WCC as well as a 'sustainability steward' will also help to embed a culture of sustainability among residents and visitors. There are opportunities to raise environmental awareness beyond Green Village, through WCC's global network of 352 member churches across 120 countries.

Equity and local economy
Aiming for 100% accessibility to all facilities. A healthy mix of use types, from businesses, local shops, and service providers to residential and a hotel. Innovative investment models include a service model with participative funding of a sustainability steward post and excellent landscape management.

Culture and community
A number of community dedicated spaces, including playgrounds, outdoor meeting spaces, an ecumenical chapel and a space managed by the sustainability steward. Listed heritage features of the site have all been audited, preserved and restored. Commitment to establishing a long-term sustainability steward to champion One Planet Living.

Land and nature
Five different habitat types will have differentiated management regimes and interconnectivity for wildlife between them, including water meadows, flow meadows, gravel pioneer surfaces, trees and shrubs. Wildlife-friendly lighting, interpretive boards, careful soil management and permeable surfaces. Green roof on WCC building.

Travel and transport
Limited car parking spaces, ample and secure bike storage (100 spaces per building), showers, and encouragement for introduction of bus subsidies. Great access to public transport links. A new tramway, due to open in late 2026, will connect the western edge of Green Village with downtown Geneva and out to the neighbouring French suburbs.

Zero carbon energy
Excellent fabric efficiency standards. Heat recovery via double-flow ventilation and active automated shading means no air conditioning is required. 100% renewable electricity from the grid will top up the onsite solar array

One Planet Living is our vision of a world where we can live happily within the Earth’s resources, and a straightforward framework to achieve this
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