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One Planet Living is our vision of a world where we can live happily within the Earth’s resources, and a straightforward framework to achieve this.

It's been proven to radically cut carbon emissions and achieve wider major environmental, economic and social benefits in $30bn of real estate, as well as towns and cities, large and small businesses, schools and universities.

One Planet Living training

Bioregional’s CPD-certified training will equip you with the skills and knowledge to use One Planet Living to transform a project or organisation.

We will introduce the ten One Planet Living principles that lie at the heart of Bioregional’s One Planet Living sustainability framework. Using compelling case studies, we take you through the experience of applying the principles to create a One Planet Action Plan, and explore the skills and approaches necessary to make change happen.

The One Planet Living training deepened my understanding of the framework, supporting me to lead the process to refresh our sustainability strategy.

Paul Tucker, Sustainability Manager at Northampton Partnership Homes

We are currently running two types of online training depending on your focus for using One Planet Living:

  • One Planet Living Action Plan training - this is for individuals who would like to learn about One Planet Living and implement it their own organisation, rather than as a consulting tool.
  • One Planet Living integrator top-up training - this is for individuals who have completed the above training and would like to go on to use One Planet Living as a consulting tool ie help other organisations implement the framework.

    Successful completion of a post-training assessment (see below) means you can call yourself as 'One Planet Living Integrator' when promoting your services.

One Planet Living Action Plan training, Feb/Mar 2021. Dates are 11 & 25 Feb, 4 & 11 March. (Times below are London GMT.)

Thursday 11 February 2021 – Thursday 11 March 2021
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One Planet Living Action Plan Training, April/May 2021. Dates are: 20 & 27 April, 4 & 11 May. (Times below are London BST)

Tuesday 20 April 2021 – Tuesday 11 May 2021
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One Planet Living online integrator training, 20 May 2021. (Times below are London BST)

Thursday 20 May 2021
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You will:

Learn about One Planet Living – why it’s needed, how it works and how it transforms sustainability, as well as some of the key concepts behind it including systems thinking.

Experience the One Planet Living journey for you and/or your client: from co-creating a One Planet Action Plan through to implementing your Plan, monitoring and reporting on progress, and driving culture change

Become an effective ‘One Planet Living Integrator’ – developing hard and soft skills for implementing the One Planet Living principles as well and learning how to follow Bioregional’s recommended review and recognition process for demonstrating best practice.

Becoming a One Planet Living Integrator

What is a One Planet Living Integrator?

At Bioregional we describe people charged with implementing One Planet Living in a project or organisation as ‘One Planet Living Integrators.’ This is the person who has the job of integrating One Planet Living into strategies, plans and processes, as well as into organisational culture.

How do I become a One Planet Living Integrator?

There are three steps involved:

  1. Complete the relevant training
  2. Work on the development of a One Planet Living Action Plan
  3. Successfully complete the assessment – written responses and an interview.

The post-training knowledge assessment aims to ascertain your ability to develop a One Planet Action Plan, it involves a written exercise followed by a short interview. The cost of the assessment, including a year’s listing on the platform is £350+VAT.

Once you have completed these steps you can be listed on www.oneplanet.com and highlight your skills and experience widely. Oneplanet.com is a new digital platform that helps users create One Planet Action Plans.

Who can become a One Planet Living Integrator?

The short answer is anyone. One Planet Living integrators include sustainability leads within an organisation; technical experts and consultants such as architects and engineers; specialists such as teachers as well as community organisers.

The training requirements and time taken to complete the assessment will depend on your existing experience and skills – but we want anyone to feel they can take on the role of embedding sustainability within a project or organisation.

Why become a One Planet Living Integrator?

Integrating sustainability into projects is critical to responding to our climate and ecological crisis, and our experience shows that the One Planet Living framework is the most effective, and more importantly enjoyable, tool for achieving this task. One Planet Living framework provides a clear process and narrative but leaves scope for the project team to unleash their creativity on the challenge.

The role of One Planet Living Integrator will vary from project to project depending on the skills and experience of the other members of the team. Frequently the most important task is to draw out the knowledge, experience and commitment of other team members to co-create a robust and achievable One Planet Action Plan, and then if required, oversee its implementation, monitoring and reporting. This is a challenging but highly satisfying task.

Our training is CPD-certified

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