If you'd like to use our One Planet Living® framework for your organisation or project, then you'll need to do the following:

1. Create a One Planet Living Action Plan

Creating a One Planet Living Action Plan that is grounded in an understanding of how people live their lives is the first major step in embedding One Planet Living into your organisation or project.

We encourage you to publish your plan with our friends over at oneplanet.com.

Our recommended process for implementing One Planet Living is:

  • Get buy in. Once you’ve decided One Planet Living is the right approach for you, you need to get all your key stakeholders on board.
  • Create your One Planet Living Action Plan using our people-centred approach and guidance documents linked below, and publish it on oneplanet.com
  • Implement your plan and embed it into your operations and projects
  • Monitor progress – to make sure you are achieving your intended goals and outcomes
  • Report – publishing regular progress reports helps promote transparency and demonstrates your continued commitment.

2. Promote your use of One Planet Living

In order to share your One Planet Action Plan publicly and talk about your use of One Planet Living, you must do two things:

It's that simple.

How Bioregional can help

Bioregional can advise or support you at any stage of your journey to help you ensure that you fully integrate One Planet Living into your community, organisation or development project. We can:

  • Embed ourselves seamlessly into your team throughout the whole project cycle. This achieves the best results – for example, for large-scale development projects like Villages Nature Paris in France and WGV in Australia we have been involved from early designs through to construction and operations.
  • Train you or members of your team to integrate One Planet Living into strategies, plans and processes, as well as into organisational culture. Learn more about the One Planet Living training we offer.
  • Carry out detailed technical analysis – for example, carbon footprint or supply chain analysis, which will help you understand where your largest impacts arise and where you should focus your efforts or detailed materials analysis to eliminate some of your more hidden impacts.
  • Help you create your One Planet Action Plan or progress reports. We can work with your team to develop your plan, publish it on oneplanet.com, including outcomes and targets in line with One Planet Living.
  • Review your plan and recommend improvements. We can carry out a comprehensive peer review of your plan and provide expert advice and recommendations on areas for improvement.
  • Recognise leadership. If your One Planet Action plan is sufficiently ambitious we will recognise it for leadership and promote it widely. By showcasing those who are taking big strides towards achieving One Planet Living we aim to inspire others to follow their lead.

Be inspired by One Planet Living leaders around the world.

Please contact us using the form below to find out how we can help.

If you are an individual, check out our tips for helping achieve One Planet Living.

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