Once you’ve created your One Planet Action Plan it can be submitted for leadership recognition by Bioregional. This brings:

  • Entry into a trailblazing community of organisations leading the way on transformative change, with opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing
  • A platform to showcase your work, with media support and advice from the Bioregional communications team
  • Use of the prestigious One Planet Living leadership logo
  • Evidence of the quality of your One Planet Action Plan to show to key stakeholders, including planning authorities
  • Knowledge that you are contributing to transformative change in line with climate and ecological emergency.

To do this, we will need to conduct a thorough review of your plan. We call this a ‘peer review’.

Why get a peer review?

As well as enabling us to determine whether to recognise leadership, the benefits of getting a peer review are also:

  • A clear picture of how you are doing based on key criteria. How far is your plan in line with the climate and ecological emergency, and where are gaps? This includes a traffic light-based summary report against all 10 One Planet Living principles.
  • Expert feedback on where to improve and recommendations on what to focus on next that will have the biggest impact.
  • Third party verification of the content and quality of your action plan to key stakeholders. This will be in the form of a written statement which you may publish along with your plan.

Fees for peer reviews

The fees for peer reviews depend on either your project value or turnover, as appropriate, and whether we provide any additional services as part of the review – for example, a customised peer review document or more detailed feedback on a particular area. For larger projects we also carry out site visits as part of the review process.

The fees for a standard peer review are:

Project size Initial peer review Subsequent reviews
Up to £3.75m £3,750 £1,875
£3.75m -£7.5m £5,250 £2,625
£7.5m - £37.5m £9,000 £4,500
£37.5m - £75m £12,000 £6,000
£75m - £187.5m £15,000 £7,500
£187.5m - £750m £30,000 £15,000

Please contact us using the form below to discuss your needs.

Who are the leaders?

Global leaders in One Planet Living have a One Planet Action Plan that aims to exceed local best practice for all 10 One Planet Living principles, and there is a high level of confidence that the goals set out in the plan will be achieved. Global leaders are also actively engaging with stakeholders to promote One Planet Living in their business ecosystem, ultimately making sustainability the 'new normal'.

Leaders in One Planet Living
have an action plan that addresses all 10 One Planet Living principles, with a strategy to exceed local best practice against many of them.

Map of leaders

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