Developed by Edward Capital and designed by BDP Architects, Bonham Quay shows how our city centres can evolve to create places we want to visit and work in, with space for nature which everyone can enjoy.

Built on industrial land in a highly accessible location right in the heart of Galway city, the developers have created a high-quality scheme that makes it easy for people to live a sustainable lifestyle.

The team at Edwards Investments are keen to engage with tenants to create a culture of sustainability – a tenant handbook will provide useful One Planet Living guidance, including a sustainable food charter and support to eliminate single-use plastics.

With its commitment to a high-quality design and support for sustainable behaviour, Bonham Quay is a clear sustainability leader both locally and across Ireland.

Health and happiness
Green space, gym and exercise facilities, and plenty of natural light and low levels of indoor pollution

Travel and transport
Sustainable, active travel encouraged with just 0.05 car parking spaces per worker, excellent public transport links, electric car charging points, 330 bicycle spaces and shower and bike storage facilities

Equity and local economy
All tenants will be required to pay their staff a living wage

Land and nature
23% of the site will be landscaped green space using native trees, plants and wildflowers

Zero carbon energy
The aim is to achieve net zero carbon by 2030, to be achieved through high energy efficiency plus solar energy, air-source heat pumps, a heat recovery system; and purchased renewable energy where possible

One Planet Living is our vision of a world where we can live happily within the Earth’s resources, and a straightforward framework to achieve this
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