2007 - 2017
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The challenge: helping B&Q create a world-leading sustainability strategy

Long before companies embraced the idea of science-based targets, we encouraged the UK’s biggest home improvement retailer B&Q to break from the business norm and set ground-breaking sustainability targets. These were based on what is needed to prevent catastrophic climate change and provided the basis for a pioneering sustainability strategy.

How we helped: developing a business-wide strategy – One Planet Home

The strategy we helped develop had one goal: to make B&Q a truly sustainable company. It was structured using One Planet Living, our easy-to-understand sustainability framework.

Rather than base carbon targets on estimated savings connected to planned initiatives or activity, we advised B&Q to set targets based on how to avert climate change disaster: a bar-setting 90% reduction by 2023 from a 2006 baseline.

Other bold commitments include 100% responsibly sourced timber and 100% reduction in peat use by 2020. 

These targets aimed to:

  • ensure B&Q innovated to help its customers adapt to changing circumstances
  • address B&Q’s key areas of impact
  • deliver absolute sustainability, not just incremental improvements
  • minimise business risks from increasing scarcity of resources
  • ensure B&Q maintained its position as a leader in sustainable business.
Rachel Bradley

B&Q has been working with Bioregional since 2007 and together developed the award-winning One Planet Home programme. Bioregional has consistently delivered the strategic and technical support we need to ensure our sustainability ambitions are realised. They are a pleasure to work with and I can’t imagine a better sustainability partner for B&Q.

Rachel Bradley, Head of One Planet Home, B&Q UK plc (2005 – 2018)

The impact: an award-winning sustainability programme that achieved its goals

Energy use and transport, for example, continue to become more efficient, while supply chain risks are minimised and innovative new products and services are continually sought.

B&Q is also well-known in the sector with its commitment and progress recognised by a large number of prestigious awards, including the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development.

Cumulatively these efforts have had a huge impact in reducing B&Q’s impacts and improving its bottom line since 2006/7.

A saving of 762,546 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions through a 41% reduction in B&Q’s absolute carbon footprint

Reducing costs by £164m through better energy, transport and waste management

99% diversion of waste from landfill

One Planet Living goals and guidance for companies and organisations


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This document is for any company or organisation (including local governments) that wants to design or transform its customer offer, operations and supply chain, so that it becomes truly sustainable

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