What is your role in the One Planet Living network?

I’m the Assistant Lodge Manager at Faru Faru at Singita Serengeti in Tanzania. My job involves supporting the Lodge Manager to make sure the lodge runs smoothly and that the guests have everything they need – while making sure we implement our One Planet Action Plan! At Faru we recently installed solar thermal for hot water, inverter air conditioning units and many LED lightbulbs. This has helped reduce our fuel use by 40%. But there have been some issues which we’re trying to overcome, as well as initiate new ideas to further reduce our energy and water use.

What piece of work makes you most proud?

Last December our new President declared that on Independence Day, instead of a large parade, it would be ‘National Clean-up Day’ and asked everyone to clean up their neighbourhoods. I suggested that we do it at Singita as, although we live in the bush and are very careful about waste, there is still rubbish around. It was so successful that we do it every month – the last Saturday of the month is clean-up day! It’s great to see all the senior managers out helping to clean up the local environment.

What was your biggest challenge and what did you learn?

There was no challenge at all, the staff participated fully. I learnt that with team spirit anything is possible.

Who is your sustainability hero?

Our new President, John Pombe Magufuli. He is doing great things for the nation and I am proud.

What are you looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Working in a sustainable and healthy environment with everyone around me.

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