As part of the Sustainable Business team at Bioregional, I am working with a range of companies to build carbon footprints, support environmental reporting and develop sustainability action plans.

Before Bioregional

I have worked in the sustainability and charity sectors with a range of sustainability organisations for five years, working on the circular economy, behaviour change, waste reduction and carbon offsetting. Whilst working at an SU, I implemented the NUS’s Green Impact sustainable behaviour change programme with a variety of organisations, including a local county council. As a communications facilitator, I coordinated the communications for a waste reduction cooperative, creating print and digital marketing materials to communicate circular economy principles. Whilst working for a carbon offsetting project developer I helped manage offsetting projects in the horn of Africa and find new project leads in Africa and Asia.

I have an academic background in engineering and sustainability. During my Masters in Sustainable Development in Practice I worked with a Green Party City Councillor and MSP to add the "Latte Levy", a charge on all disposable coffee cups, into the 2019 Scottish Budget and conducted research into how a cooperative can record and compare non-financial capital through asset mapping.

When I’m not at work

Outside of work and volunteering, I am usually walking in the hills or forest with my dog – Dipity – foraging for mushrooms and hedgerow plants, trying out a new craft project, or hiding out in a coffee shop reading a book.