Before Bioregional

I started out as an environmental and analytical chemist, but after a few years in the lab I decided to change tack and work in the energy-efficiency sector at the Energy Saving Trust.

Energy-efficient products became my area of focus – I was involved in lab testing campaigns, making policy recommendations, certification programmes and consumer advice projects for efficient appliances, electronics, lighting, boilers and other products that could enable people to save energy in the home. More recently, this area became relevant to SDG7 on improving energy access – I also worked as part of the Efficiency for Access coalition supporting the market for high-efficiency appliances, designed to operate on solar home systems and mini grids in Africa and Asia.

When I'm not at work

I enjoy running, hiking, going to gigs and playing music, and hanging my football hopes on Liverpool FC and Tranmere Rovers, and the Chicago Bears in the NFL.

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