I have been at Bioregional for more than 20 years. Now based at our Oxfordshire regional office, I lead a programme of activities across Oxfordshire and around the NW Bicester Eco Town.

I am also responsible for seeing that the worldwide One Planet Living framework is available and relevant to thousands of users everywhere, and that it helps them to accelerate change and to transform their own organisation or project into a shining example of our happier, healthier, sustainable future. I have a particular focus on One Planet cities and regions. I have been leading the amazing One Planet Oxfordshire project in partnership with the county council and many local stakeholders.

I also am responsible for our One Planet Living training as well as overseeing our One Planet Living leadership recognition scheme.

I sit on the Board of the multi million pound Oxfutures II programme, funded by ERDF to grow Oxfordshire’s low carbon economy and I oversee a brilliant new endeavour to set up Oxfordshire Greentech, a business network for a low carbon future in Oxfordshire.

I’m proud to have been listed in Building Magazine’s Top 50 rising stars of sustainability for 2012 and was a finalist in the Outstanding Women in Construction Awards 2014.

Before Bioregional

With a civil engineering background, I can claim a part in delivering the Jubilee Line tunnel in London and a few hydro dams. I became a Newbury bypass tree protester during the hard winter of 1995-6, after which I travelled in British Columbia, working on a cattle ranch for two years. My alfalfa hay won first prize at the Rock Creek Fall Fair in 1997.

When I'm not working

I am most often to be found next to a log fire somewhere with a bunch of friends and a guitar, solving the world’s problems through song and yattering. Then a good walk or bike ride makes for a perfect time.

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