WGV – White Gum Valley

WGV, led by land development agency LandCorp, is Australia’s second One Planet Community. Over 80 homes, from single houses to apartments and an artist’s cooperative, will create a vibrant community just 3km from the centre of Fremantle and 22km from Perth’s central business district.

Innovation and Community

WGV is a LandCorp Innovation through Demonstration project designed to create a community with a diverse range of sustainable housing types, living options and green space in an existing suburban area. The site was formally home to a school. The project includes single lots (already on sale) for self-build detached dwellings, maisonettes, apartment buildings, a demonstration housing project aimed at people in their twenties and thirties and an artist’s cooperative developed by Access Housing (Western Australia’s leading not for profit housing provider).

As the buildings will be delivered by private developers and individuals, the development requires a highly innovative approach to ensure sustainability standards are met. WGV’s One Planet Action Plan, drawn up with Bioregional, helped overcome this challenge by making the way that our zero carbon principle is applied relatively straightforward for all housing types. The plan also includes an integrated water strategy that aims to reduce potable water use by 70%.

WGV will have a pedestrian friendly layout with high-quality green space, centered on a revitalised stormwater sump that will become a biodiverse nature play area while retaining its stormwater function – a first for Perth.

Ongoing engagement and monitoring is always a challenge in new-build communities, but WGV has been selected as a CRC Low-Carbon Living Laboratory. This means that Curtin University in Perth will be monitoring energy and water consumption for four years and engaging with the residents on sustainable living. The project is also in Australia’s first One Planet City, Fremantle, and the city council will be supporting sustainable living through their community engagement programme. To date two of the developers for the apartment sites have been selected and have embraced the One Planet Living methodology, with a clear commitment to delivering on their part of the site’s overall One Planet Action Plan.

Highlights of the Action Plan

  • Free ‘Sustainable Upgrade’ package for single lots to ensure zero carbon buildings, provision of a rainwater tank and a mature deciduous tree for shading
  • Private public partnership funding for battery storage of solar-generated electricity being progressed for 50% of all dwellings
  • Multi-residential car parking to average less than one space per unit (very low in car-dependant Perth)
  • Water efficiency measures including a site-wide community borehole for irrigation, dual plumbing (one pipe of mains water, one of recycled water) to all houses, rainwater harvesting for toilets and irrigation and efficient appliances and fittings – targeting a 70% reduction in potable water consumption compared average Perth consumption
  • Tree canopy returned to 30% of site and 30% of trees in the public domain to have edible fruits
  • Resident engagement programme driven by the Low Carbon Living CRC programme and City of Fremantle
  • Attractive to a diverse range of people, including the creation of an artist’s cooperative, to create a vibrant community.

About the Partner

LandCorp is Western Australian (WA) Government’s land and development agency. They aim to realise the potential of land and infrastructure developments across the State by developing land for living and working to build WA’s social and economic prosperity.