Bioregional Australia executive director, Suzette Jackson, said Evermore showed a strong commitment to co-creating a resilient and sustainable community, particularly through its shared solar initiative.

Evermore WGV is unique in that it is the first apartment development in Western Australia to be recognised as a One Planet Community and it is located within the internationally recognised One Planet Community - WGV at White Gum Valley precinct, within a One Planet City - City of Fremantle. While individually recognised in their own right, each share a common vision of creating communities where it’s easy, attractive and affordable for people to lead happy and healthy lives using a fair share of the earth's resources.

At Evermore, Yolk Property Group is pioneering the use of shared solar technology in a large-scale strata setting with a governance model developed by the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute.

The onsite renewable energy is forecast to produce approximately 80 per cent of the apartments’ power, with residents expected to benefit from a 30 per cent saving on their ongoing electricity bills. The remainder of energy will be sourced from renewable energy sources. With so much renewable power generated onsite, residents will have the advantage of being less affected by fluctuations in energy prices. Real-time measurement and recording of power and water consumption will enable residents greater control over their usage and enable feedback mechanisms to maximise efficiency.

Director of Yolk Property Group Pete Adams said Evermore aims to achieve sustainability through addressing the One Planet Living ten principles including sustainable water, local and sustainable food, materials and products, zero waste, zero carbon energy as well as culture and community. He said the focus with Evermore was not solely on the end-product, but how residents will live in the development after building is complete.

“One example of how we’re looking beyond construction is our aim to promote social interaction and reduce disconnectedness and isolation of residents. The design of a communal space between buildings with courtyard, veggie garden and bicycle repair station will offer shared spaces to encourage interaction, a way for neighbours to foster relationships,” he said.

“When you look at the ten principles and goals behind One Planet Living, it’s all about creating strong, connected communities that reduce demand and expend wisely with a view to the future, and those principles are shaping every element of Evermore,” Mr Adams said.

Evermore WGV joins the ranks of organisations, schools, governing bodies and communities recognised under the One Planet Living framework globally.

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