One Planet Living is a proven sustainability framework used globally by organisations across all sectors. Its ten cross-cutting principles provide a simple way to plan, deliver and communicate a strong commitment and action to achieve a good quality of life for all people, within the Earth’s means.

Bioregional Australia’s One Planet Living Program focuses on Cities and Regions, Communities and Destinations, Companies and Organisations, and Schools and Educational facilities. Learn more about the organisations using One Planet Living in Australia.

The One Planet Living Program is a three-year commitment to the development of your One Planet Action Plan, implementation and transparent reporting on your outcomes.

Recognition by Bioregional for commitments to One Planet Living can be achieved in year one of the Bioregional Australia program, with annual reporting on actions implemented and impacts measured in year two and three.

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We can:

  • Help you create a One Planet Action Plan
  • Train you to use One Planet Living within your organisation
  • Support you to create a tailored strategy for implementing your Action Plan.

One Planet Analysis

A trained expert in One Planet Living – known as a One Planet Integrator - leads you and your stakeholders through a trends analysis, visioning session and context analysis.
This compares your existing practices, processes and outcomes to the ten One Planet Living principles and the One Planet Living Goals and Guidance. The information is used to identify opportunities for systems change in order to transition towards One Planet Living.

Co-creation of a One Planet Action Plan

A One Planet Integrator leads you and your stakeholders through one or more workshops to identify outcomes and indicators, strategies and actions, measures and targets to achieve the ten One Planet Living principles using the Goals and Guidance. The result is the creation of a One Planet Action Plan that sets out how to achieve transformation and who needs to be involved.

One Planet Living recognition

If you wish to be recognised by Bioregional as a leader in One Planet Living, your One Planet Integrator will then submit the One Planet Analysis, One Planet Action Plan and supplementary documentation for review.

The review is conducted by an Australian Assessor, Bioregional Australia Board and Bioregional UK.

Where One Planet Action Plans are considered to be an ambitious response to the challenge of achieving One Planet Living, the project or organisation will receive recognition as a One Planet Community, Destination, Company, Organisation, Council or City, Campus or School.
Projects or organisations that are considered to represent exceptional, world-leading One Planet Action Plans will receive a One Planet Living Global Leadership award.

One Planet Annual Review

Following on from the development of the One Planet Action Plan, the client moves into the implementation phase. An important part of this is the measuring, monitoring and reporting on actions achieved and impacts. The Annual Review provides an update to evaluate what has been achieved, progress and identify priorities for the next twelve months.

The One Planet Annual Review provides transparency to partners and community and enables continuous improvement.

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