Credo High School

Credo High School is a Waldorf-inspired (Steiner) school in Rohnert Park, California. It is using the One Planet Principles to engage its students and enable them to create a better, more sustainable future

Creating One Planet champions

Credo High School addresses its students as leaders of the future and helps them to develop the capabilities, skills and values to address tomorrow’s challenges. Sustainability forms an integral part of the students’ education and the school has chosen One Planet Living as the framework to support this.

The school moved to its new permanent campus at SOMO Village, a One Planet Community, in July 2017. Credo was designed to sit within this development so the One Planet Principles have been at the heart of its development since the beginning.

A planetary leader

Credo has developed a comprehensive One Planet Action Plan, which details the actions the school will take, across all ten principles, to reach One Planet Living. This includes supporting its students to protect the planet, minimising its own impact on the environment and spreading the message of One Planet Living into its local community.

In September 2017, its One Planet Action Plan was endorsed by Bioregional as demonstrating planetary leadership in One Planet Living.

Peer reviewer, Ben Gill said: “Credo High School’s One Planet Action Plan is exceptionally ambitious with a clear well-structured strategy. Furthermore, they already have the committed team in place that will be required to deliver the plan.” Read the full peer review.

The plan is structured by actions to be taken in the curriculum, on the campus and in the local community and include: 

  • Health and happiness: ensuring the curriculum 
    values the diversity of individual ways of learning and gives students the opportunity to develop not just
    intellectually, but physically, spiritually and socially
  • Equity and local economy: Provide a free and equitable education experience to all students attending Credo
    ensuring activities, meal programs and trips are accessible to all students especially those coming from
    under-served communities
  • Land and nature: Host at least four events throughout each that bring the community together to
    participate in taking care of our surrounding land and native wildlife
  • Zero waste: Send less than 2% of waste by weight to landfill by 2020
  • Zero carbon: 100% of energy consumed is supplied by non-polluting renewable energy generated onsite.

The One Planet leadership team

Credo’s students are heavily involved in delivering its action plan. The One Planet leadership team comprises 30 students who work together to engage the whole school with sustainability. The team attends two ‘One Planet’ classes a week to learn about each principle, organise events, work on projects and gain leadership skills.

Each member is a ‘captain’ for one of the ten principles and supports projects for their principle. So far, they have organised several beach clean-ups, a zero waste Christmas fayre, two annual conferences, monthly events with local sustainability speakers and several film showings.

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