Let’s face it, you could spend all day every day reading about sustainability and not even make a dent in what is out there. Not to mention generating a slight feeling of disillusionment/existential crisis.

So here are my recommendations for the perfect balance of things to read/listen to/watch – a combination of hard-hitting realism, inspiring examples of change, practical tips and a hint of good-old irreverent humour.

Best for technical knowledge… Carbon Brief

With its in-depth analysis, daily briefings and Q&As, Carbon Brief is an invaluable resource for information about the related fields of climate change, energy, technology and UK and international policy.

Its content is well researched and easy-to-understand and very quick to cover emerging topics. They have saved my skin on a number of occasions.

Recommended read: Climate change made 2018 European heatwave up to ‘five times’ more likely

To make you feel positive… Positive News

While we can’t stick our heads in the proverbial sand, there are days when news about record-breaking temperatures and scrapped environmental policy is just too much. Luckily Positive News does what it says on the tin by sharing feel-good stories and examples of practical, successful change.

Feel inspired: Ireland makes history as the first nation to divest from fossil fuels

For when you want to listen … Sustainababble

I always try and have a podcast on my phone – great for listening to on the train or even while exercising. Sustainababble bills itself as a comedy podcast about the environment (no, that’s not an oxymoron I promise) so you can learn and get some laughs in at the same time.

Have a listen: George Monbiot meets Sustainababble – and they discuss the perils of being a professional misery guts

(Special shout-out for this episode of Reasons to be cheerful by Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd – Ideas for the anthropocene: humankind respecting the earth).

When you need practical advice… Hubbub

Hubbub excels at providing simple advice on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Perfect for ideas for yourself or forwarding to others without coming across like hairshirt-wearing, chickpea-obsessed, lentil weaver (although we all know you are).

Give it a watch: How to get more plant powered protein in your diet

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