We are facing one of the bleakest winters ever. Despite the Government's recent action to freeze bills at £2,500 (at a cost of £60bn to the taxpayer), they will still be 95% higher than they were last winter.

And despite the government's Energy Price Guarantee, the End Fuel Poverty Coalition estimates that more than 7 million households – nearly one-third of the UK are still expected to fall into fuel poverty. No one should have to choose between heating or eating this winter. The price of gas and oil is not expected to fall significantly, so our sky-high energy bills aren’t going away any time soon.

While global gas prices are outside of our control, this doesn’t mean that the government can’t act now.

The Warm this Winter campaign is a new coalition bringing together anti-poverty and environmental organisations across the UK, including Bioregional, WWF and the End Fuel Poverty Coalition. The campaign calls on the Government to adopt practical measures to help people with fuel costs now and ensure lower energy bills in the future.

The campaign focuses on four clear demands aimed at the UK Government:

  • Further emergency support for vulnerable households on the front line of poverty
  • An ambitious, nationwide energy efficiency programme that will upgrade the UK’s draughty homes
  • Rapidly expanding clean energy, which is now four times cheaper than gas,
  • Moving away from drilling new oil and gas fields

These solutions will not only ensure that the country can end its dependence on volatile fossil fuels, build energy security, and tackle the climate crisis. It will provide desperately needed relief for people this winter by cutting their bills and enabling them to enjoy warmer homes.

Find out more information on the Warm this Winter website or sign the petition demanding government action.

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