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Sutton in south London is where the BedZED eco-village and Bioregional are based. So, it was a big step forward when Sutton Council became the first One Planet Living council in 2009 with a detailed sustainability action plan based on Bioregional's One Planet Living framework.

With a partnership spanning twenty years, Bioregional and Sutton Council have worked together to support a shift to sustainability in the local area.

Like any One Planet Living partnership, the aims are to combine prosperity, opportunity and a good quality of life for everyone while remaining within the natural limits of our one planet.

Since signing off a major update to its original action plan in 2013, the council has been working to reach new targets and actions for the years 2017, 2025 and 2050. They are organised under five themes that relate to the ten One Planet Living principles – cutting carbon, cutting waste, valuing our natural environment, supporting healthy communities and supporting the local economy. Each of these five themes is embedded across the council’s services.

These new targets and actions were agreed upon with local stakeholders following wide-ranging consultation. They cover the council’s own operations and the way families live and businesses work in the borough. Key to making progress are partnerships with a variety of public service bodies and voluntary and community groups.

In its 2016/17 progress report, Sutton said it had exceeded, met, or was on track to meet 17 of its 32 priority One Planet Sutton targets set for 2017.

One Planet Living achievements from 2016-17:

Zero waste
Waste has been reduced by more than 45% at council offices compared to the 2009/10 baseline.

Culture and community
4,000 schoolchildren attended events about local green space and nature.

Travel and transport
TfL funding confirmed for a Quietways cycle route between Sutton and Morden.

One Planet Living is our vision of a world where we can live happily within the Earth’s resources, and a straightforward framework to achieve this
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Plans for 2017/18

  • Health and happiness: launch of the Sutton Child Health website, a parent’s guide to common illnesses and wellbeing.
  • Equity and local economy: further delivery of the Sutton Town Centre Masterplan to increase economic growth and employment opportunities across the borough.
  • Land and nature: wildflower meadow restoration at Sutton Common Paddock to support local bees and butterflies and improve the common for visitors.
  • Local and sustainable food: launch of Sutton Community Farm share offer, an opportunity to invest and help secure the future of the farm.
  • Materials and products: completion of the South London Circular Economy Study and opportunities to collaborate on circular economy projects in south London.
  • Zero carbon energy: installation of solar PV panels on Civic Offices and other council buildings. Over the panels’ 25 year lifespan, the council hopes to save approximately £85,000 in electricity bills and prevent around 400t of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Find out more about Sutton’s ambitions for 2025 and 2050.

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