Our experience in helping shape world-leading developments like NW Bicester, led by A2Dominion, as well as our own schemes, has taught us that while brilliant design is key to enabling sustainable living, it is not enough.

We help ensure your scheme has a net positive impact on the planet with an operational management strategy that includes proactive community engagement and regular monitoring.

  • Monitoring and reporting on impact

    We use our tested methodology to analyse hard data on things like energy savings and water consumption as well as soft data – for example, health, wellbeing and community. This helps create a true picture of performance against project KPIs and an understanding of where the gaps are.

    We then turn this data into public-facing reports to help communicate successes and lessons learned on the project. If your development becomes a recognised One Planet Community, public reporting will be a requirement.

  • Engaging with the community on behaviour change

    We can also engage and support residents to help them make the most of all the scheme’s sustainability features and resources. This might include helping shape and coordinate a sustainable travel plan, which we’ve done at NW Bicester, or employing a green caretaker as we did at One Brighton.

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