Connecting human wellbeing with building sustainability is the common thread throughout the design of IMAGINE. It has been developed by Sercib, a French construction company committed to people and planet.

The building is centered around a planted courtyard, with an understanding that green space supports people feeling happy and healthy. IMAGINE’s One Planet Action Plan details its goals and strategies under each of the ten One Planet Principles for moving towards One Planet Living.

  • Zero carbon: Onsite photovoltaic panels aim to meet all regulated building electricity, with the remaining demand sourced from green suppliers
  • Health and happiness: Aiming for a 90% satisfaction rate from occupants, the building will have air-quality sensors, maximize natural light and create opportunities for people to talk to one another
  • Land and nature: the building’s green atrium and outdoor space is designed to promote biodiversity, with no pesticides and the creation of new habitats eg bird boxes
  • Sustainable water: rainwater will be collected and treated onsite for use in irrigation and flushing toilets to meet the highest water performance standards
  • Culture and community: a culture of sustainability with be cultivated onsite with 100% of occupants engaged with One Planet Living.
  • Sustainable transport: this has proved challenging due to its location and planning restrictions, but it does have the fewest car parking spaces allowed by local regulations. One floor of parking will specifically be designed so that it can be converted to other uses and Sercib has already started engaging with the local municipality to maximise sustainable transport opportunities.

About the developer

Sercib is a developer committed to quality and high environmental performance. Its most recent project, Solaris, is an energy-positive building in Paris (ie it generates more energy than it uses with solar panels) with a fantastic working environment. Its aim is for Imagine to exceed the benchmark set by Solaris.

Bioregional’s comment on Imagine

Imagine is a small project in a challenging location, with restrictions due to local planning regulations. Within this context, Imagine is an excellent example of a project striving to set a new sustainability standard for office buildings of its type. It is being delivered by a committed team with a strong track record who want to create buildings that inspire their occupants to live more sustainably.

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