Zibi One Planet Annual Review 2017

Zibi’s vision is to create one of the world’s most sustainable and environmentally conscious communities on the planet. Its Annual Review 2017 outlines its progress towards its ambitious One Planet Action Plan. 

Zibi is a One Planet Community in Ottawa designed to be a highly sustainable mixed-use development of some 2,500 homes, shops and office space in the heart of Canada’s capital city. It is currently under construction. 

Highlighted in this report are changes that were made to Zibi’s One Planet Action Plan in 2017 as a result of adjustments to the development plan, outcomes from the entitlements process, and further understanding from the Indigenous stakeholders. A fuller report on Zibi’s 2017 progress on the One Planet Action Plan is anticipated in summer 2018, as systems become embedded.

Zibi One Planet Annual Review 2017 Published: 12th June 2018 1.19 Mb
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