What’s your One Planet story? Bioregional Annual Review 2015/16


Our Annual Review for 2015/16 shares stories from our partners across the world and how we’ve helped them on the path to One Planet Living. Sue Riddlestone, Bioregional Chief Executive and Co-founder, reflects on this year’s progress, and shares her own story.

2015 was a momentous year for sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were officially adopted in September and three months later, the December climate talks in Paris finally saw all nations committing to limiting global warming to below 2°C.

Bioregional was in the thick of it, working with others at the UN to secure the SDGs, focusing on the goal of Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Key to our success was being able to explain sustainability in simple terms to diplomats using our intuitive One Planet Living framework. By using the framework – which consists of ten simple principles – to share stories from the communities and companies that make up our network of One Planet partners, I could see their brains start to click.

Open sourcing sustainability

Having seen One Planet Living provide a ‘light bulb moment’ for so many people, we are now investing in going digital. From the Spring of 2017, a new online platform will enable anyone, anywhere to use One Planet Living as the engine of their sustainability efforts, taking the headache out of going green. By allowing people to learn from, and collaborate with each other, wherever they are, we will speed up the progress we need.

But One Planet Living is so much more than a planning and reporting framework for organisations. Crucially, it engages hearts as well as minds. As well as helping anyone from a primary school pupil to a head of government to get their head around the sustainability challenge, it speaks to us all as human beings. It inspires. And change will only happen with inspiration.

In the same spirit, this brief review of our year highlights our progress in helping our amazing partners implement One Planet Living, and shares some of their own stories – in the hope of inspiring you.

Share your One Planet Story using #oneplanetliving

Along with our Annual Review we have also created a poster of people’s One Planet stories from across four continents. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing all these, and other stories, on social media, in the hope of inspiring others to make a positive step, however small, towards living within the earth’s resources.

Do have a look at our Pinterest Board and share your #oneplanetliving story on twitter. What are you doing to minimise your impact on the planet? Have you ditched your car, or switched to using reusable coffee cups? Maybe you are trying to bring your community together? I’ve added my own story to the board too.

Join the conversation on Twitter, using #oneplanetliving so we can find you. Or you can just email Emmelie Brownlee (emmelie.brownlee@bioregional.com) your story (with a photo of yourself please!) and we’ll share it for you.

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