Building Energy Performance Improvement Toolkit (BEPIT)

We help housebuilders beat the energy ‘performance gap’ and build homes with greatly improved energy performance 

Building in energy efficiency with BEPIT

Drawing on four years of onsite research funded by Innovate UK, we’ve developed a practical, affordable and effective approach to ensuring that ‘as built’ matches ‘as designed’ for new homes.  Average newly built dwellings exhibit a 50% gap between measured and predicted energy performance.

BEPIT combines detailed but easily understood learning materials with in-depth facilitation by an expert through each stage of your housebuilding project – design, procurement and construction. 


  • Improved design – fewer buildability clashes on site
  • Smoother build – save time spent on snagging
  • Enhanced reputation – for building quality homes

What we learned is clear – the performance gap is real and its impact significant. We can help.

The BEPIT approach to reducing the performance gap

In the course of our research we found that the performance gap consists of multiple, minor, and frequently occurring issues spread throughout most elements of a building. But tackling these issues individually brings little return on investment, while approaches that try to deal with the whole problem in a single, central workshop rarely get the commitment needed to achieve long-term change.

Instead, we help you:

  • tackle root causes: through our research we developed a set of seven clusters of performance-critical issues to focus on.
  • pre-empt problems: we help you mitigate against these issues proactively at each stage of your project: design, procurement and construction.
  • get up-front buy-in from developer and project teams: making sure the message comes from the top is key to creating culture change.
  • build collaboration among teams: we enable teams to collaborate and communicate with each other to solve minor problems before they turn into major headaches.

Through a combination of focused meetings using our toolkit to educate and help communicate about issues and solutions, we work together with the lead contractor and subcontractors to beat the performance gap on your project.

Our approach involves no additional work for the team, but builds confidence, problem-solving, communication and technical skills – all of which can be carried forward into your next job.

Find out more at or email to make an enquiry. 

BEPIT in action

BEPIT is being applied to over 300 new build homes under construction at Elmsbrook, the first phase of the North West Bicester Ecotown in Oxfordshire, by leading UK housebuilders Crest Nicholson and Hill.

The research project behind BEPIT

Bioregional led a four year, £1.3 m action research project into the performance gap for new homes using the first part of  A2Dominion’s Elmsbrook development at NW Bicester as a living laboratory. We provided a dedicated, on-site research engineer.

We carried out the research in partnership with housing provider and developer  A2Dominion, Wilmott Dixon Energy Services,  Loughborough University’s School of Civil and Building Engineering, PRP Architects and development and construction consultants Silver. The project was funded by Innovate UK, the government’s innovation agency.

The BEPIT project analysed design, procurement and construction processes for energy-efficient new homes in great detail . Using process mapping, monitoring and testing, we gained an in-depth, all round understanding of how new homes are built in the real world, what parts of the process impact most on their performance and what can go wrong.

That learning underpins  Bioregional’s new BEPIT service , offering housebuilders and their contractors an intensive and effective focus on reducing the energy performance gap in new homes.  Our service also improves build quality and helps to manage risk,